with the work we produce, and mindful of how it can affect our audience. I have faith in the natural goodness of humanity, and I believe we can never give up on the struggle to make that outshine our flaws.

Regardless of whether you're an artist or not, everyone in this world has purpose. Everyone has worth. We should seek purpose in everything we do, because all aspects of our life will help shape us into who we want to be. The best way to truly believe in our own value, is to seek a life of service. Whether it's smiling at a stranger on the street, buying the homeless breakfast, caring for your children, or building homes in foreign countries... all of these things come from no place other than within ourselves. They are reflections of the inherent goodness found in every person, something that can not be bought or sold. Nothing is more valuable than love. So how can someone who loves be worthless? I hope to inspire people to crave for their goodness to shine, by longing for a life of service.

I crave music with purpose, and I long for art that serves.

I hope to encourage people to reevaluate today's view on popular music and entertainment, and question the purpose of being an artist. I don't believe an artist's goal should be fame, wealth or status. It is a gift to be able to communicate with people all around the world, to move them and inspire them, in ways that facts and numbers can't. Musicians, artists, performers... we have access to an amazing tool and audience. I'd love to challenge myself and others to create works that are courageously beautiful, and filled with hope. As artists, I believe we have a responsibility to be careful

Thank you for visiting! I'm so happy to introduce myself to you. First things first. Either you know some Yiddish, you're familiar with Fiddler on the Roof, or you have no idea how to say my name. Not to worry, this is very common. Tzeitel rhymes with "recital".

I believe that cultivating goodness in everything we do is the best way to live.  I'm forever an optimist, and lover of all forms of life. My faith, family, and music come first. More than anything, I live for people, animals, and our planet. These give me the greatest joy. Ponder this with me: "How we treat the most vulnerable is what defines us as a species".

I'm a hardcore vegan foodie, photography nut, nerd, people and animal lover, doodler, and when I grow up I'm going to be a Pokémon Trainer and Hogwarts graduate. Being the first Jedi to captain the Enterprise would be pretty great too.

I strive to be elegantly nerdy, stylishly quirky, and classily eccentric.

This is Me

Crave Purpose. Long to Serve.